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Otterbein Early Education Center is located in Otterbein Church (131 Center Street). This site serves children ages 6 weeks until they enter Kindergarten.  We offer full-time options for all classes and part- time options for children in our toddler and preschool rooms. Full-time is defined as 4 or 5 days per week and part-time is 2 or 3 set days per week.

The children are assigned to one of our seven classrooms.



Our Inchworm room consists of eight children with two teachers. The center provides Parent’s Choice Gentle infant formula (milk-based) or families may provide their own formula or breast milk. Baby food, including cereal, fruits, veggies and snacks are also provided.



Our young toddlers are divided into two smaller classrooms of five children each – the Woolly Bears and Silkworms. Each classroom has its own lead teacher and a third assistant teacher works with both rooms.

Young Toddler 2-2.JPG
Praying Mantis 2.JPG


Our older toddlers are in the Praying Mantis class. This class consists of twelve children with two teachers.



Our Butterfly class is our younger preschool class of children three years old turning four years old. This classroom will have 16 children with two teachers.

Butterflies 3.JPG
Grasshoppers 2.JPG


Our Pre-K children are in two classes: the Grasshoppers and the Dragonflies. The Grasshopper class has sixteen children with two teachers and the Dragonfly room has 8 children with one teacher. These Pre-K classes focus on the social-emotional and academic skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten.

This program is full-time only.


Our before and after school program serves children who attend Northeastern School District (NESD) in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade attend Mount Wolf Elementary School regardless of where you live in NESD and are walked to school daily. Children in 4th and 5th grade attend the intermediate school, which are assigned by the district and are walked to and from the bus stop. Children are served breakfast and an afternoon snack daily. Full-day care is provided on days when NESD is closed. An additional charge of $15 dollars is charged for these days, if care is needed. Children must also pack their lunch on these days.

School Age Bldg_edited.jpg
School Age Inside.JPG
Full & part-time options are available.


During the summer months, we offer a Summer Camp for children who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grades. Each year our Summer Camp is based on a theme. Most recently we have been traveling around the globe and have studied states in the US (3 different years – 10 states a summer) and countries of South America, Central America, and Africa.  Weekly field trips, breakfast and afternoon snack are included in the weekly fee. Children are required to pack a lunch.

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